THE KING OF DOG COINS DeFi That Gives Back Algorand Network: $TOSA ASA ID: 400295506
For eons, there have been only cute, innocent dog coins. But never a "warrior" archetype. Enter TOSA INU. Tosa Inu will fight for the lives of dogs without homes. The business model will be based on dApp platforms that are currently in development. 50% of profits on said platforms will go to No-Kill Animal Shelters, and the other 50% will be distributed to those who stake their TOSAs (coming Q2 2022)
Step 3: Send one or more ALGO’s from the exchange to your Algorand wallet.
Step 4: Opt-in to The Tosa Inu ASA. The ASA name is $TOSA. Verify the ID is 400295506.
Q4 2021
1. Token Generation Event 2. Community airdrops 3. Community Contests 4. Online Merch Shop (50% of profits go to no kill animal shelters.) 5. White Paper / Light Paper 6. Updated Roadmap
Q1 2022
1. Official partnership with no kill animal shelters 2. Online Tosa Inu/Algorand/Usdc donations for no kill animal shelters. 2. Partnership with other ASA’s.
Q2 2022
1. No loss prize games 2. NFT Marketplace (50% of fees go to no kill animal shelters)
Max Supply: 1B Tosa Inu Coins 25%: TINYMAN Liquidity 30%: Tosa Inu Platform Development Incentives 35%: Tosa Inu Community (Airdrops, contests, etc) 10%: Tosa Inu Creator
Liquidity Provider Airdrop *Ends 11/22/21
NFT Contest:
Coming Soon
Developer Bounties
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